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In the past year, HCNS received a total of 13,222 referrals.
The largest number of referrals came from areas of greatest multiple deprivation.
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HCNS made more than 27,000 onward referrals.

HCNS worked on 19,859 issues

The most common issues were:

  • Social isolation

  • Debt / finance / benefits

  • Paperwork support

  • Support at home

  • Mental health

  • Access to food / provisions

  • Cleaning support

  • Housing

  • Carer support

  • Equipment and aids

To assess the impact of its work and the benefits for service users, HCNS uses the loneliness scale developed by the Campaign to End Loneliness and ONS4 personal wellbeing scale developed by the Office for National Statistics. All data is checked and validated by Hertfordshire Public Health.


HCNS results show that service users experience statistically significant reduction in feelings of loneliness, and a statistically significant improvement in all four areas of the ONS4 personal wellbeing scale:

  • Life Satisfaction

  • Feeling life is worth while

  • Happiness

  • Feelings of anxiety

Case Studies

Click on the images below to know more about the case studies.
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