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Case Study

Referral from Social Worker at Princess Alexandra Hospital
On Her Laptop


I am so very grateful for all the support you have given me, I am over the moon with the bathroom.

I am looking forward to visiting my wife in Brazil, I will give you a call when I’m out there…now that will be a first!!

Thank you, I can laugh again.

Link Worker

On the initial visit to the client, he was in a very bad way, and a carer was present, and had called for an ambulance.
The bathroom was in a terrible state and the odour was intense. Lives alone, no support and wife lives in Brazil.
Link worker carried out a holistic face-to-face assessment the following day.


  • A referral was made to Age UK for a benefits check.

  • Telephone support was given so that the client could communicate with the housing association to repair the bathroom

  • Supported to manage hospital appointments,

  • Supported to contact the GP to ensure the correct medical supplies were provided,

  • Supported to contact the hospital and GP to expedite follow up medical procedures.

  • Supported to arrange an appointment to repair client’s hearing aid.

  • Further support to make repairs to the kitchen and source broken cooker and fridge,

  • Advised client to contact their heating supplier so that accurate meter readings could be taken as his quarterly bill was over £600.


The client’s bathroom was completely refurbished, and all the fittings were replaced, and can now boast a lovely clean fully working bathroom.

The client has completed all hospital procedures and follow ups, and although he still needs a catheter, a small inconspicuous ‘gadget’ has been provided, to enable him to lead a normal a life as possible.

The client was awarded Attendance Allowance, and this award will enable him to visit Brazil for a few weeks to see his wife.

The client now has the number of community and hospital transport’s so he will be able to contact them if transport is required.

The client is able to walk to the shops, to purchase a newspaper and small food items, and is less reliant on family.

The client knows he is able to contact Herts Help for further communication support if necessary.

The client is now more self-sufficient and has more control over the things he is able to do in his daily life.

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